About me

Veronica fujidalgiappone

My name is Veronica (Beronika, in Japanese) and I’m Italian, precisely from a happy region called Marche.

After graduating in Civil Engineering, in 2014 I moved to Barcelona (Spain) for a three-month university project. Actually they turned into three years, during which I met and married my husband.

From May 2017 we live in the Land of the Rising Sun. Do you know why it’s called that way? I discovered it at four o’ clock in the morning during the spring months, when I had not yet bought the curtains and the room wall was made in glass ceramic. Tough.

We moved to Tokyo without ever having been to Japan and without understanding a word of Japanese.

Before leaving, my mother told me, “Now go, and tell us about Japan through your myopic eyes. ” And yes, I’m here, still looking for my glasses.


What does “Fuji dal Giappone” mean?

“Fuji dal Giappone” is a title that sounds – in Italian – like “Escape from Japan”, since “Fuji” – the name of the famous volcano – sounds like “Fuggi”, that is the imperative of the verb “To escape”.